Customized Recruiting

At A First Choice Staffing Service, we recognize that all businesses are unique, which is why we provide our clients with recruiting and hiring solutions.

Ask us about our special employer services, including:

  • Direct Hire Programs
  • Temp-to-Hire Staffing Programs
  • Specialized Contract Staffing
  • Drug Screening
  • Professional Job Application Systems
  • Employee Screening Services
  • Background Checks


Our screening process includes skills testing and in-depth, in-person interviews prior to submitting any candidate to our clients. We also offer reference checks, background checks, drug tests and any specific testing upon your request. We will only submit those candidates who have been informed about the position and are interested in forming a relationship with the client company.

We also offer

  • Evaluation of applicant’s work history
  • Reference checks
  • Local and national criminal background checks
  • Drug testing, in-house or through an outside laboratory
  • The administration of specialized testing upon our client’s request.
Lower Your Unemployment Rates
Employee turnover costs employers thousands of dollars every year. Lower your rates by trying employees out through our Temp-to-Hire services before hiring on permanently with your company.
Payroll & Insurances
If a client hires an applicant through A First Choice Staffing Service, we take care of liability insurance, all payroll processing, unemployment insurance and tax payments for that employee for the first 90 days. Arrangements can also be made for extended contracts if the client company desires.
Reduce Turn-Over
According to the April 2007 issue of Staffing Industry Review magazine, “While everyone deserves a certain baseline experience, the people who contribute the lion's share of gross profit should be managed differently. If you can identify the characteristics of these people (who seek longer-term relationships with you and present the best attendance records), you can probably use that information to spot up-and-comers. The quality of your temporary workforce directly impacts how long your internal staff stay with you – improve one and you'll get the other as a bonus. View More
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